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{ Suggestion Box }

Comments may be anonymous. All comments screened.

This page is for people to do the following:

+ Make suggestions to the roleplay.
+ To leave notes regarding other characters/mods.
+ To leave anything that may be bothering them.
+ Complaints.
+ Etc.

If you have a problem with something or a simply suggestion, but do not wish to have others know or are afraid you can post them here. The only ones with access are mods.

Even if you have a problem with a mod post it here. It is fine. You won't get into trouble and as mods we will try to see what we can do. If you have a suggestion on something to improve the community or just on how someone is doing something post it here. All comments are welcomed. Even flames if you wish. All characters/players/watchers may comment.

Though I do suggest that if you do have a problem with another character to post it here, but also to try to confront that person whether it be how they're playing or just a personal problem. It's always good to be polite and help people out if you think they're doing something wrong! Always be polite though about it.

- Mod out.

{ Dorms }

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+ Ignore the OOC comment spam that you will see when you first enter.